Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'll be right here waiting and Scrap-It-Lah Challenge No 3

It has been quite an eventful day and I am looking forward to some down time just before dinner.  I have decided to make a very simple layout with a photo taken by Jessy back in Dec 2007.  Found another unused rub-on quotes which I have been hoarding and I have decided to start using them.  I must admit rub-ons are best used at the time of purchase.  I was lucky that this particular still adhered ok but some parts did fall off in the process but I rubbed on quite religiously.

I have also used some chatterbox flowers and chipboard corners.  This Chatterbox set was given to me by Jessy a couple of years back and it is nice that I am able to take it out again and refresh and use it in my current layout.

Playing with my acrylic inks again. I tried to control the splatters and not make a mess.

Love this quote.  It says:

It seems like yesterday I was holding your small body in my arms.  As you grew,  you raised your arms to me,  wanting to be held.  When you were sick,  my soothing touch made you feel better.  Now that you've grown,  your hugs are a fleeting memory.  But I am comforted that some day,  you might need my warm embrace to ease a heavy heart.  If that day comes,  my arms and heart will be here waiting.

This is going to be a short post as dinner awaits.  Don't forget to check out the SIL Challenge No 3,  a nice RAK is waiting for the winner here.


  1. mich.. love love this!!! just love all the space in this.. simple yet so elegant.. and the splotches of ink.. marvellous!!!

  2. I heart this lo a lot!!! I'm in love with the paint splatter and that empty space!!!! Amazing!!! :))))