Friday, April 8, 2011

Friends layout

I am still going through my stash and I have found a lot of remnants pieces of paper which I have used previously for some other layout. Here is a simple layout using 2 pieces of balance paper and a Prima packaging.  

Check out the very old felt borders that I have hoarded for at least 3 years?  I really don't get myself - why buy if you are not going to use it at all.  Sigh...  Some old Prima pearl swirls - another oldie in the stash.  Last of all - the one I really need to hide my face are those quilted flowers.  Faint - they have been with me like forever.  Oh,  I nearly forgot about the sentiment sticker - more hoarding from Perth - exactly more than 5 years?  Sigh...

Glad I finally took out some of my old chalk inks - they were all drying up.  I had to press really hard to get the green out.  The pink was still ok but reasonably dry.

Photo was taken by Jessy.  I was with a couple of my friends and we decided to hire Jessy to be our photographer.  This photo brings back so many memories.  It was taken on the 1st Jan,  2008.  Such a momentous moment for all of us.

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  1. i love this photo and the colour on this layout is nice too..thanks for sharing!