Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back in KL and hope to be blogging soon

This is the longest that I have been away from my blog.  We are finally back and it is week 3 since school has started and everything is back to our old routine.  I finally have some time to myself and I thought I would restart blogging again and maybe start scrapping by the end of this week.  I am just trying to sort out the photos and hopefully I can get on it soon.

Meanwhile I leave you with some pictures of what we have been up to during the summer.  The whole summer was spent catching up with chores,  swimming practice,  football practice and more football practice.  Why?  The reason being was Sean played at the Gothia Cup in Sweden.  Not many people are aware of what the Gothia Cup is.  Its the Football or Soccer Youth World Cup that is held annually in Gothenburg Sweden.  

It was quite an exciting experience for Sean and he was very proud and felt very honoured to represent Malaysia in his age group.  The kids did well in my own opinion - they played up till the quarter finals of the Plate Tournament and I think its great for 11 year olds who were battling jet lag and had never played in the World Cup before.

Here are some photos:

The U11 Team.  They are so hilarious - tying to be serious and not succeeding... At the first game in Skatas.

All huddled together - they look so cute.

Sean scuffling with the Swedish opponent.

Managed to get the ball - woohoo...

The Malaysian Contingent from U11s,  U13s and U15s.

There were more than 55,000 people in the stadium.  The atmosphere was ELECTRIC!

Sean scanning the crowd and trying to find us in the stadium.

After 10 days in Sweden,  we retreated back to London and we all had a great tim just chilling out and enjoying the cool weather there.  It was just enjoying our walks in Hyde Park,  lots of shopping and eating!  Such Bliss!

C and S mucking in the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

This photo is hilarious!