Thursday, August 26, 2010

Malacca Trip

Time to update the blog again.  I have been quite busy the last weekend and this week, I took a day drive with my friends to Malacca which is 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur.  I have always loved Malacca for the historical sites plus the antiques.  Malacca is also listed as a historical site under UNESCO - pretty cool huh?  Here are some pictures that I took that day.

This is a typical street in Malacca.  This is Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

Check out the detail on the colonial shophouses.  I love them as they seem to look like icing on top of the shophouse.

A typical restaurant - such chinese flavours.  This one was selling the famed Chicken Rice Balls and chicken of course.

As I was taking this photo,  this maid stood there holding the baby and I thought I would just snap away then.  Photo turned out pretty well.

I know I overexposed the temple shot - but I didn't have a choice - it was  drizzling and if I turned teh ISO down - I couldn't get the details of the temple.

This was a unique mosque that was built in the 16th century and if you go in - its amazing - so many influences in its architecture on the inside.

It will be Mooncake festival soon and lanterns are in profusion at this shop in Chinatown.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Diving for the first time

My friend Lysha took these photos of Sean after she taught him how to swim in her parent's house in Singapore.  At that time,  Sean must have been 5 years old at the most.  I will always be grateful to her for teaching him how to dive.  Thanks Lysha.

Materials used:
Bazzill Kraft cs,  Scenic Route pps,  chipboards and sticker sayings,  Pink Paislee Alpha stickers,  White grosgrain ribbon from local haberdashery,  Making Memories Alpha Stickers, Beacon Glue and 3d pop up foam.  

Layouts to date:  67

Thursday, August 19, 2010


There is a chinese saying that all mothers wishes their sons to become dragons.  In ancient chinese days,  sons were favoured and the males are always treated like "Gods".  This saying also implies that sons are entrusted upon carrying on the family name and also to look after the parents when the latter are aged.  Hence - to hope the sons to succeed is akin to wish their son as dragons.  Dragons also signify the ultimate as the emperor is often referred to as one.

I hope for the same for Sean.  That he would be successful in what he does.  It doesn't mean he has to earn big bucks but more a sense of fulfillment and accomplish whatever he wishes to excel in.

I chose to do a messy layout this time to contrast his sister's clean lines lo.  I managed to dig out this very old transparency which I bought ages ago from Singapore and I am not even sure that they still make these.  Aaahhh... the joy of destashing.

I haven't worked on Coredinations pp for a while and I have just embossed and sanded down embossed area.  To add to the messiness,  I added some red acrylic paint and when the paint dried,  I used my fingernails to light scrape the paint off creating more mess in the paint.  I also added some red paint into the photos,  transparency and the coredinations pp.  

Furthermore,  I found another stash of Tim Holtz grunge boards and used them too.  Most importantly,  I found some old Lil Davis bottlecaps from 2004! Added them as well.  Boy - by this time I really felt very good with the destashing.  Here is my simple layout using the contact sheets from photos taken by Sarah Grasset. (No Rachel,  I have not found the CD nor the rest of the photos. I honestly don't think I will cos I have been looking for 3 years now.)

Materials used:
Collage Press pp,  Clear Expression Transparency from Artistic Expressions, Jo Sonja Red Acrylic Paint,  Black Coredinations pp,  Cuttlebug and Embossing Folder,  Lil Davis Bottle Caps,  Tim Holtz Grunge Boards,  Boy Rubons from Kaiser,  Jenny Bowlin Sticker alphas,  blingds form local shops,  Beacon Glue and 3d pop up foam.  

Layouts todate:  66

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As my daughter goes through her adolescent years,  I hope that she doesn't rush through things - any thing.  My wish if for her to choose wisely and ponder when she is making decisions.  I want her to learn that not to rush and hurry her decisions.  Thinking things thoroughly is more important.  

Ooopsss...  Just realised that I have cut the paper a bit askew.  I was kind of distracted - watching re0runs of Criminal Minds.  Its one of my favourite TV series.  Never mind - its done - Ali Edwards says that one should embrace imperfections.  I find myself using it ALL the time as if you look closely,  I have a lot of flaws in my layouts.  But I am alright with them as I created them as I am - not a perfect soul.

I dug into my old Scarlet Lime kits and I must say that it feels good to finally use up some old stash.  I look forward to using up more.  Will try to scrap more as I go along.  I am scrapping nearly everyday lately and sometimes I scrap 2 layouts in one day.  I am most happy when I achieve that.  

Materials used:
Scarlet Lime kit:  Cosmo Cricket pps,  Stacked Flower ,  Chipboard.
Own material: Velvet Ribbon,  White trim,  White DMC Embroidery Thread,  Doiley,  Pearl Blings,  Making Memories Sticker alphas,  Thickers Foam Alphas,  Glitter Glue,  Beacon Glue and 3d pop up foam.

Layouts todate:  65

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girls just want to have fun

I am a very careless person by nature.  This little trait of mine cost me dearly this time.  Sarah Grasset - a photographer friend of mine took these photos of Clarissa in 2005.  for the life of me,  I seem to ahve misplaced both the Cd and these printed photos.  All I have is the contact sheets of the shoot itself.  

Ah well,  I thought I might as well just work with the contact sheet as I just can't resist scrapping these beautiful photos.  Got the idea of the layout from the contact sheet itself.  Just a simple,  messy layout.  I couldn't choose the photos and hence, I tried to add nearly all the photos.  Hee hee... Photo choosing problem solved!

In the meantime,  I dusted off my heat gun and finally embossed the GIRLS Maya Road chipboard.  Used remnants from my Scarlet Lime kit.  Its a simple layout but I love the total effect.

Materials used:
GCD patterned pp,  Bazzill Black cs,  Kraft Cs,  Maya Road Raw Chipboard Saying and wooden number,  Corner Puncher,  AC Zing Embossing Powder,  Making Memories Felt Alphas,  K n Co lace sticker trim,  Hambly Doiley stickers,  White Jo Sonja Acrylic Paint,  Farmers Twine,  Pearl blings from local shops,  Beacon Glue, Gingham Ribbon from Scarlet Lime kit and 3d Pop up Foam.  

Layouts todate:  64

Monday, August 16, 2010

I used to be like - {A Poem by Sean}

Its Monday here.  I feel the need to start the week with something motivational - at least for me.  This story today started in a "oh -oh",  went to an "a- ha moment" and ended all heart warming.  Sean came home one day and tells me that he made his teacher cry.  I was like "oh-oh",  half expecting the teacher to call me and telling me what he did wrong. As I braced myself and in between trying to keep calm and refraining myself from screaming at him what he did - I asked him what actually happened.

His reply was that he made her cry as he was such a "pro"  - meaning professional.  I was dying to know by this time - what pro I asked.  His reply was - professional poem writer.  He proceeded to pull out this poem from his bag.  I was in tears too after reading it.  The "Aha" moment came when I realised that this child in spite of what other teachers said,  had so much potential if nurtured the right way.

Sean is very happy in his current school and he had a tough time in his former school.  The least said is better and I am so happy that he managed to express himself through this poem.  I asked him to write it down and I hope you can read his scrawl - if you can't - here is a copy of the poem:

I Used To be Like by Sean Ku,  Grade 4,  25th May, 2010

I used to be like an ant roaming around in circles,
Now I am a giant that knows where to go.

I used to be like a ball of fire destroying everything in my path,
Now I am like the sea,  cool and calm.

I used to be like a paper plane that couldn't fly,
Now I am a metal jet plane,  faster than a rocket.

I used to be like a glass of water that had turned red with food colouring,
Now I am a jug of water that had been filtered ten times.

I used to be like a caterpillar scared and always closed,
Now I am a butterfly that is happy and open to everyone.

I am now a true  and firm believer in good schools and good teachers.  I have no doubt that he had help from his teacher but she assures me that the ideas was all his.  how could one not cry when one reads this poem - knowing how he struggled from his former school.  I am happy that he is NOT what he used to be. What a happy ending.  :)

Materials used:
Sassfras Lass pp and brads,  Thickers alphas,  Beacon glue,  3d pop up foam,  ribbon from local haberdashery and normal ball point pen.  

Layouts todate:  63

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let your hair down

Another simple layout today.  I make no apologies - its Sunday after all ;)  Aida gave me some Prima flowers and papers early this year and I have yet to finish using them.  I found this beautiful piece and I love the bright colours.  I must admit I was very reluctant to cut the paper up and I have to say that the paper suited what I had in mind.

Hence,  I just added the photos, a couple of flowers, a Prima butterfly from Iris - thanks dear,  and voila. I have also realised that I love scrapping 3 photos pages.  Wonder why tho...  Hmmm... Anyway - here is a simple layout to remind Clarissa that she can always let her hair down sometimes.  She takes things far too seriously and I sometimes wish she would let go of her perfectionist view and just relax and enjoy what life throws at her.

Materials used:
Prima pp (Thanks Aida),  Prima Butterfly (Thanks Iris),  Doiley (recycled from Thai snack packaging),  Prima felt and flowers,  Thickers Alphas,  K n Co Butterfly brad,  Making Memories Sticker alpha,  Trim and lace from local haberdashery,  pearl blings from local shop,  Beacon glue and 3d pop up foam.

Layouts todate:  62

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A boy and his DS

Once upon a time,  there was a little boy named Sean who was addicted to his Nintendo DS.  He would just spend hours on it.  His way of justifying playing on it is that - he was feeding his dogs (Nintendogs),  he is training his eyes (Yes,  there is actually a program called Sight Training),  reading and doing his maths.  Need I say more?  He was totally addicted!

These photos were taken by her and her hubby.  This was one of the first photoshoots that they did for us and I almost forgot to scrap these photos.  Thanks for the memories and I finally dug up some more old Cosmo Cricket stash to scrap the photos.

Materials used:
Cosmo Cricket pps,  Thickers alphas,  Jenny Bowlin Sticker alphas,  Tim Holtz Edge Distressor Tool and 3d pop up dots.

Layouts todate:  61 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best Friend

I would say that Izzie is one of my best friend.  She is always by me when I am sad tolerating my unending hugs and kisses.  She has an internal radar - she will rarrely leave my side when I am sad. Here is a layout - a tribute to Iz.

I have tried my hand at a 8.5 x 11 layout this time.  This is my first time and I must say that I am not pleased with the results.  Never mind - I will try harder next time.  This layout is a little messy - as usual - I tried to squeeze too many things onto the layout.  

Materials used:
Sassa Frass Lass pp,  Lily Bee Design pp,  Bazzill cs,  Doiley from local shops,  Ric rac and ribbon from local haberdashery,  Maya Road Wooden Numbers (dunno what they are called exactly,  Chipboard Tag from We R Memory Makers,  String from Ikea,  3d pop up foam and Beacon's Glue.  

Layouts todate:  60

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Having a 12 year old middle schooler is sometimes very very challenging.  I can't begin to start on how challenging these 12 year olds are but I just wish that sometimes that she will just slow down and think over or contemplate on her choices.  Right now,  decisions are rushed and poorly made without even thinking.  Sigh...  I hope that she grows wiser in time and take the time to think and contemplate.

I remember back in the times when I was in university,  a very wise professor said this to me, "When you have to make a decision,  always think it through. The thinking process should be akin to water boiling - the rolling of the bubbles being your thoughts."  

I have dug into my old stash and uncovered some very old treasures:  Some KI lace cardstock,  Heather Bailey pp - (they are so beautiful!) and some old Prima Felt (which looked great here).  Feels good to finally use up more of my older cs and pps.

Materials used:
Heather Bailey pps,  Bazzill cs,  Ki Memories Pink Lace cs,  Prima Felt Mat,  Thickers alphas,  Cosmo Cricket Sticker Alphas (Thanks Aida for buying them),  EK Success Punch,  Martha Stewart Punch and 3d pop up foam. 

Layouts todate:  59

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Football Dream

This little munchkin only loves one type of sport which is football or soccer (which is the American term for it).  Sean has been having football training for nearly 2 years now and I must say that there is some improvement to his football skills and he thoroughly enjoys the game.

On a recent trip to Singapore whilst waiting to board the plane,  he gazed longingly at the jet plane that was parked there.  He suddenly said that,  "I want to be a professional footballer.  I can make 30 million pounds a year and in 3 years - I can buy a jet plane."

So here it is - a layout of his football dream.  When I scrapped it - I wrote the journalling down as him quitting after 3 years.  He is right behind me now telling me that he will NEVER quit playing football.  All I say is that mummy certainly hope that you can achieve your dream.  I am waiting to jet set around on that plane.

Materials used:
BG Ambrosia pps,  coordinating die cut stickers and border stickers,  Martha Stewart Punch,  Versamagic Black Ink,  Prima Felt Alphas,  Momoyo black brads and 3d pop up foam dots.

Layouts todate:   58

Friday, August 6, 2010

Upside Down - A Different Perspective

Yes,  I have realised that I have scrapped this photo many many times.  But I just cannot resist the urge to scrap it again.  Sean is def too cute in this photo.  There are so many different perspectives to this photos and so many messages I want to send to him with this one. I remember the first one that I scrapped was : "Sometimes the world looks better upside down." Its more of a fun layout.

This time I have decided that I want to add in an important message - that when you are upside down - it gives one a different perspective.  Hence,  I would like him to know that when he is in an adverse situation,  he should try to think out of the box and try to look at the problem using different angles and perspectives.  

I love the ticket stub at the right hand corner underneath the camera sticker - thanks Aida for that.  Aida gave me a whole bunch of them - like I always said - I have good friends and I am always blessed.

Materials used:
October Afternoon Thrift Shop pps,  coordinating stickers, journaling sticker,  Bazzill blue,  brown and red cs,  Prima Felt Alphas,  Maya Road Wooden chess number,  Versamagic Black ink,  Ek Success Bracket Punch and 3d pop up foam.  

Layouts todate:  57

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happiness is when one makes something yummy and beautiful

I scrapped this layout using more of the Lomo pictures from my Iphone.  Sigh... Digging into my old stash - some papers and embellishments from Scarlet Lime, I am trying desperately to decrease my stash but there seems no end in sight.  Sigh...  I am already scraping everyday and I must admit at this point in time - I do not think that I should buy any more stash.  How sad but let's see how long I can hold out.

Loved these photos of Clarissa kneading and shaping the bread.  She did a very good job making the knotted,  piggy and plaited bread.  

Materials used:
Scarlet Lime Kit - pps consist of SC papers,  Pink Paislee pp,  Melody Ross chipboard sayings and Epoxy Sticker,  Sassa Fras Lass Flower Stickers,  Tag ,Trim and buttons from SC kit, Thread from Farmers,  Pink Paislee Tape,  Doiley from local shops,  Martha Stewart punches,  Bazzill cs,  Jenny Bowlin Journalling Sticker,  Zig journalling pen and 3d pop up foam.  

Layouts todate:  56

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happiness is when One Tastes the Fruits of His Labour

I love these photos - I have used the Lomo Apps which Clarissa has downloaded for me on my Iphone to capture these photos.  A friend of mine offered to teach the kids how to make bread from scratch and we had such a great time that day learning how to braid,  knot and knead bread - particularly not in that order.  LOL..

There is really nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread in the kitchen.  It is so therapeutic and fun at the same time. 

Materials used:
BG Ambrosia pp,  coordinating sticker alphas and die cuts,  Trims from local haberdashery,  Brads from Sassa Fras Lass and Momoyo,  Bracket and binder EK success punches,  Making Memories Silver Sticker Alphas,  Versamagic Black Ink and 3d pop up foam.

Layouts todate:   55

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yo yo - Am I cool or what?

Since Sean has had his contacts successfully,  he wanted this pair of sunglasses from the opthomologist.  I must admit that he looks pretty good in them.  He was mucking around with them one night and Clarissa taught him to pose whilst I took these photos of him.  The following photos are hilarious but so very scrappable.  

Materials used:
Bazzill cs,  Pattern pp from unknown origin, Corrugated Cardboard,  Hambly transparency,  Prima Felt Alphas,  Making Memories Sticker Alphas,  Jo Sonja Red Acrylic Paint,  Tim Holtz Ruler Ribbon,  Versamagic Black Chalk Ink and 3d pop up foam.

Layouts todate:  54