Monday, August 16, 2010

I used to be like - {A Poem by Sean}

Its Monday here.  I feel the need to start the week with something motivational - at least for me.  This story today started in a "oh -oh",  went to an "a- ha moment" and ended all heart warming.  Sean came home one day and tells me that he made his teacher cry.  I was like "oh-oh",  half expecting the teacher to call me and telling me what he did wrong. As I braced myself and in between trying to keep calm and refraining myself from screaming at him what he did - I asked him what actually happened.

His reply was that he made her cry as he was such a "pro"  - meaning professional.  I was dying to know by this time - what pro I asked.  His reply was - professional poem writer.  He proceeded to pull out this poem from his bag.  I was in tears too after reading it.  The "Aha" moment came when I realised that this child in spite of what other teachers said,  had so much potential if nurtured the right way.

Sean is very happy in his current school and he had a tough time in his former school.  The least said is better and I am so happy that he managed to express himself through this poem.  I asked him to write it down and I hope you can read his scrawl - if you can't - here is a copy of the poem:

I Used To be Like by Sean Ku,  Grade 4,  25th May, 2010

I used to be like an ant roaming around in circles,
Now I am a giant that knows where to go.

I used to be like a ball of fire destroying everything in my path,
Now I am like the sea,  cool and calm.

I used to be like a paper plane that couldn't fly,
Now I am a metal jet plane,  faster than a rocket.

I used to be like a glass of water that had turned red with food colouring,
Now I am a jug of water that had been filtered ten times.

I used to be like a caterpillar scared and always closed,
Now I am a butterfly that is happy and open to everyone.

I am now a true  and firm believer in good schools and good teachers.  I have no doubt that he had help from his teacher but she assures me that the ideas was all his.  how could one not cry when one reads this poem - knowing how he struggled from his former school.  I am happy that he is NOT what he used to be. What a happy ending.  :)

Materials used:
Sassfras Lass pp and brads,  Thickers alphas,  Beacon glue,  3d pop up foam,  ribbon from local haberdashery and normal ball point pen.  

Layouts todate:  63


  1. What a wonderful poem! :-) And a great way to remember it by scrapping it too - your LO looks lovely.
    Glad he has a good teacher now ... teachers can either make or break kids experience at school.

  2. Awww...that poem touched my heart!! Though it was written with simple words but the impact was powerful!! He has a very creative mind too, love how he expressed his feeling. Also love the fact that you got him to write on the layout, such a precious piece!! Bravo Sean!!

  3. wow...the poem is so touched, I almost burst into tears reading it. Congrats Shawn and all the best to you. I am sure you are so proud of him. Hugs