Thursday, August 19, 2010


There is a chinese saying that all mothers wishes their sons to become dragons.  In ancient chinese days,  sons were favoured and the males are always treated like "Gods".  This saying also implies that sons are entrusted upon carrying on the family name and also to look after the parents when the latter are aged.  Hence - to hope the sons to succeed is akin to wish their son as dragons.  Dragons also signify the ultimate as the emperor is often referred to as one.

I hope for the same for Sean.  That he would be successful in what he does.  It doesn't mean he has to earn big bucks but more a sense of fulfillment and accomplish whatever he wishes to excel in.

I chose to do a messy layout this time to contrast his sister's clean lines lo.  I managed to dig out this very old transparency which I bought ages ago from Singapore and I am not even sure that they still make these.  Aaahhh... the joy of destashing.

I haven't worked on Coredinations pp for a while and I have just embossed and sanded down embossed area.  To add to the messiness,  I added some red acrylic paint and when the paint dried,  I used my fingernails to light scrape the paint off creating more mess in the paint.  I also added some red paint into the photos,  transparency and the coredinations pp.  

Furthermore,  I found another stash of Tim Holtz grunge boards and used them too.  Most importantly,  I found some old Lil Davis bottlecaps from 2004! Added them as well.  Boy - by this time I really felt very good with the destashing.  Here is my simple layout using the contact sheets from photos taken by Sarah Grasset. (No Rachel,  I have not found the CD nor the rest of the photos. I honestly don't think I will cos I have been looking for 3 years now.)

Materials used:
Collage Press pp,  Clear Expression Transparency from Artistic Expressions, Jo Sonja Red Acrylic Paint,  Black Coredinations pp,  Cuttlebug and Embossing Folder,  Lil Davis Bottle Caps,  Tim Holtz Grunge Boards,  Boy Rubons from Kaiser,  Jenny Bowlin Sticker alphas,  blingds form local shops,  Beacon Glue and 3d pop up foam.  

Layouts todate:  66


  1. Hey arty babe, I love this layout!

  2. this layout....and love your idea of destashing, I think I need to also...

  3. 3 years! Oh dear that is a long time to be looking! Bother!
    Cool LO though ... I love that you are de-stashing - it's reminding me of all the things I have in my stash heheee (like that grungeboard! LOL)

  4. Great lo!! Love the red paint and glad u decided to play with inks again..hehehe. This one is deft my fav!!! ;)

  5. LOve this artsy LO mich! Cool photos of sean too :) miss ya mich!