Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend in Bangkok

This was where we were last weekend.  Clarissa and I went there with 2 friends of mine and we had a blast eating,  eating and more eating in Bangkok.  I must say that I don't remember eating so much on one trip.  We had a jolly great time with friends of our friends.  

Decided to take a picture of this.  The tuk tuk is so cute.

I was quite sad that one of my favourite departmental store Central was burnt down during the rioting in Thailand.  

He was sleeping underneath the overhead bridge at the Siam Discovery Centre.

My hope for Thailand - peace.

Some food vendors.

The hustle and bustle of BKK was considerably less last weekend.  We arrived only to find out it was a long weekend for BKK - which translated great for us as there was considerably less traffic and less people.  Even though there were lots of advertisements promoting the Thai Mega Sale,  the sales were not very attractive at mostly 5% discount.

Food wise - was like a foodie paradise.  We tried Nara and the Tea Room at the Erawan Hyatt - both had the most yummylicious food.  Another mention would be this restaurant that my friends' friend took us which served royal porridge.  The porridge is traditionally served in the summer and it was mainly rice soaked in cold scented jasmine water.  It was very refreshing in the BKK heat and the dishes that came with them were heavenly.

Another discovery would be the Tading Pling (Hope I got the name right)  at Siam Paragon - the food was excellent - deserves 101% in the gastro meter.  There was also the dessert which we tried which was thick bread with maple syrup and ice cream - that was heavenly.  I should also not forget about the K Village - will def drop by there the next time I am in Bkk.  All in all - it was a great trip.

I was particularly shocked to learn that barely hours after we left for the airport,  there was a bomb explosion where we were and one person died and another 10 were hurt in that explosion.  Our condolences to the one who has lost his/her life and to Thailand - we only hope for peace for you.

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