Monday, April 25, 2011

Everything matters

I am afraid I am suffering form a case of the scrapper's block.  I was trying to scrap all weekend and nothing came to me.  Worse still- I started another layout but it came to a complete standstill as the layout looked horrible.  Luckily when I got up this morning - I found some remnants of the Websters pages in a bog and I have decided to use them.  

I have bought a printer but have not had time to set it up yet.  Dug into my old photos and found this photo instead.  One thing that I always try to stress to my kids is that everything that they do - does matter.  In this world of watching too much telly - and the phrase of "whatever" is so popular that they tend to forget what the really matters.  This became my title that everything matters.

Glad to have used up my old WP stash.

Journalling goes like this, 

There comes a time in life when you realise everything that you do - it all matters.  You must know that in order to succeed,  even the smallest effort that you take in that direction - MATTERS.  Hence,  for all that you wish for, for your wish to come true, always remember,  each ounce of effort - IT ALL MATTERS.

That is it for me today.  I am off to get groceries.  I have a meal to cook which I haven't done in a long time.  I am planning curry chicken and ribs with sea cucumber for dinner tonight.  I may even bake a banana cake for my kiddos if I feel super energetic.  Have a great Monday everyone and enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. gorgeous LO of your DD - C.

    I love the fussy cutting and this LO totally stunning Mich, so much to see...all the details in cutting, those papers are just lovely and the corrugated board. C is beautiful ha...

    Happy cooking, happy baking and have a great week ahead.


  2. Awesome work Mich. Love the colours and the doilies background. Is that using dies? So cool! :)))

  3. Thanks Yuz. I have only managed to cook 2 of what I wanted - no cake today. I was really struggling in between my meeting, running errands, cooking and driving kiddos around.

    Thanks Amelia. Its all only simple cut and paste. The doiley pp is from Basic Grey actually.

  4. beautiful LO mich... love the colours.... love the photo too :)