Sunday, April 10, 2011

Delight and SIL Blog Hop 2

Some say that Happiness is Over - rated.  Others say that its all in the mind.  For me, everyday I forge ahead :  carrying on my responsibilities,  enjoying what I love and to me that is happiness.  I delight in the little things.  When I drive - when someone gives way even when the traffic is horrible.  I delight that when I go to the market,  the vegetable seller greets me with a smile and tell me what is fresh.

I delight when my kids do and say something sensible.  After all - I am thankful that under all that awkwardness of "tweenage-ness" ,  I did penetrate some goodness through.  LOL... What do you delight in?  What are your thoughts?

I just want Clarissa to delight in the moments.  Here it was just enjoying herself on the rock. Have the strength to be alone and delight on being alone and stay strong. This is a simple layout again utilising my old scraps which I found lying around.  Luckily I had enough to layer the whole layout - plus I manage to hide all the cut parts with the photo .  :)

On another note - have you checked out the the latest SIL Challenge here?  I am certainly ready to tackle it soon.  I am positively drooling checking out the Studio Calico Babbling Brook RAK up for grabs.  

It's a beautiful hot Sunday in Malaysia and I am enjoying my lazy day.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. awhhh mich... whis is such a sweet layout.. love how everything come together.. u know how i like pink! :))))

  2. i love the photo and the paper...this layout is like very soothing and nice. thanks for sharing!