Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun at the Playground and SIL Challenge No 3

This photo is amongst one of my most treasured one that I have in my collection.  For one - it was not taken by any famous photographer,  it was taken by me but the memories that came with it is immense.  I remember the days when the 2 were still very young and this was their evening routine at my good friend's Ana house playing slides and swimming.  Ana has long gone back to Venezuela and memories is what we remains.

The kids at the top of the slide were another good friend's children and they have moved to Canada. It is always sad when all my good friends move away but I guess thats part and parcel of life.

I have used the Echo Park Playground papers to scrap these photos.  I have been loving paints for a while and hence I have used acrylics as a background.

It is thunderstorming outside and I hope that my older one is safe at camp.  For one,  thunderstorms and heavy rain does not help in the water tubing and white water rafting activities. Gosh - I can feel my hair turning grey from the thought.  There is another 4 more days till she returns,  hope that she will stay dry and safe till then. 

If you fancy an altered tutorial and challenge,  we are now in our Week No 3 of SIL anniversary challenges.  Do head here to check it out.

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  1. Hey Mich, the picture is priceless and it so nice somehow to scrap back those were days memories. Loving your approach with painted background :)