Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 Unique Girls

Clarissa is very lucky to be studying in a school that has diverse nationalities and she has so many friends from different backgrounds.  With that comes the different personalities that she is exposed to and I am grateful for the experience and hope that she is too.  I hope that she will enjoy and cherish the experiences and friendships that she shares with all her friends and that she will learn loads from them.

I am still very exhausted from my helper's ordeal.  She ran away 12 days ago and I was worried sick about her till I found out that she has been stealing money consistently and she has been planning this for a long time.  It was all very frustrating as I guess the culture of having a helper in house is quite a touch and go thing.  Sometimes you get a good one and other times - you just run out of luck.

Anyway,  I just managed to sit down yesterday and scrapped this simple layout.  It made me realise that I missed scrapping so much.  Here is my simple layout for the week and hope that I can still scrap without much spare time on my hands.


  1. ooo...Mich tell me about it, I had enough of maid issue, it is killing me.

    This LO is totally beautiful, I love the black background paper and the embellishments used. Gorgeous girls! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another lovely LO :-)
    Sorry to hear about your maid! How disappointing for you. Hope you can resolve it soon.

  3. beautiful LO mich...

    maid issues, tell me about it... Never ending right... Hang in there xx

  4. Really pretty layout! Love how you place the embellies.