Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ribstix in the Pool

Having a boy certainly does have its challenges.  For a potato couch like me,  it's quite hard to watch my son's non-stop antics.  Sean - if left at home - will get into all sorts of trouble like breaking something in the house with his football.  The last time I had to get a plumber in as he kicked the football very hard into the bathroom and broke the pipe underneath the sink.  Those are the kind of troubles that Sean always gets himself into. Sigh...

We were at the pool one day when he decided he had enough of swimming and decided to skate? around the pool with his Rib Stix.  In the end,  he lost control and fell into the pool.  Luckily I had my camera with me and I managed to take photos of him when he fell.  It was a little blurry as it happened so quickly but you get the picture.  Hee hee....

I am not sure I like the composition of the layout.  But using up the old Hambly transparencies are good nevertheless.

Love the contrast of the colours.  The red I find especially brings out the whole layout.

I love the cropped  photos of him but I know composition wise - it can be better.  If you have a better idea,  do drop me a line.   


  1. Hey! I really love how the Hambly transparencies compliments those photos...really awesome with all those hambly look like wave thing and the way you put his photo ups and he really skate well. Absolutely gorgeous work Mich, I love this LO. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love this to bits!!!!!! really unique and love how you cut sean's pics out and arranged it like he's surfing on the paper.. love the colors too!!! :)