Friday, May 6, 2011

Are you showing off your Abs? and SIL Anniversary Challenge No 6

This is going to be an embarrassing post for Sean.  I know i am being evil but I can't help it.  One has to get a far bit of teasing before one's birthday.  He will be turning 11 in a couple of days and I thought I can have a bit of fun with him.  Hee hee...

I was taking pictures of him and one of his best bud by the pool and I noticed that he was crunching his tummy.  Every night before he sleeps,  he has been doing situps etc as secretly I think he is wanting his 6 packs in his tummy.  Check out his reaction in the photos as I was asking him:

"Are you showing off your abs?"

Sean replies - *with eyes wide open*  "What???  Mom!!!"

Hee hee...  The photos says it all.

Playing with more paint and making a total mess on the black bazzill cardstock.

Love the AC Zing Embossing powders - the colours are so bright and vivid.

Oh,  if you love a card challenge,  do hop over to Jessy's as she is up next hosting the 6th Challenge of the Scarp-It-Lah Anniversary Blog Hop.

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  1. Fabulous LO and love how you have used the buttons!! I dare say you might be in a little trouble when Sean finds this LO on your blog... LOL!!! The whole page looks fantastic!
    Lou xx