Saturday, May 7, 2011

He's All That

Ok after my earlier post,  I feel I need to redeem myself with Sean. Finally a more "flattering" layout and this time - He is all that. This time,  I managed to use up about 30 over odd brads that I have lying in the house and I am glad.  I am happy just thinking about the brads that I destashed and mentally telling myself that I need to destash more of my brads.

I have used up some of my remaining Scenic Route chipboards and these chipboards are all I have and I am very happy that I have used up all of them.  :)

Love looping the twine around the layout.  Makes it look a bit more interesting.

And that's it for today. To all the mothers out there,  have a great Mother's Day!


  1. omg..30 over brads??? wowwweeee that's a lot n u did wonders with this piece. i love the used of twine too!!! :)))

  2. Hi Michelle!! I have too many unused brads too!! Buying them certainly made me happy but I just do not need them most of the time hehehe!! I love your title, dear!! Perfect page!! Here's wishing you a very happy mother's day!! =)

  3. Wow! Great way to use up those brads and chipboard! :) Well-composed and lovely colours! :)