Sunday, June 12, 2011

HOPE and My little Chef in the Making

Somewhere across the seas,  a little 6 year old girl is battling brain cancer.  This is such a big battle and read about her story here.  Of late, I have been lamenting of the troubles at home without the help etc.  This is definitely a wake up call for me,  its just so minor in comparison to what this brave little 6 year old girl is going through.  I have just completed a donation for Emma and I hope that:

1)  You will get well soon
2)  You will fight this tumour in your brain
3)  You will not give up
4)  You will not be in too much pain

Be strong and we hope to see a positive update in your facebook and blog soon.

I have not been scrapping much as I have been busy with the house and the kids.  Summer holidays have officially started last week and we have been busy with football,  swimming and yes,  we have been once to the movies which is a great achievement.  Here is a simple layout of Sean.  He loves to bake and cook and I call this layout :  Chef in the Making.

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