Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My favourite soccer memories

At current, I have a love-hate relationship with Martha Stewart punches. They are so lovely but I do find them a tad hard to cut through cardstock. The problem is that I can't resist using them but sometimes I just can't get them to cut well on the cardstock.

Here is another simple cut and paste layout of Sean's favourite memories. I have always known that football is his passion. At his grade 5 moving on ceremony, when asked what was his favourite grade 5 memory, he said the following:

"My favourite Grade 5 memory was during the U11 soccer tournament at The Alice Smith School. I fought hard and dribbled past some defenders. As I neared the goal, I passed the ball to Najib and he scored. That was our fifth goal that we scored."

I was very pleased to hear that as I knew that he has found something which he loves doing and I am very glad for that. Here is my simple layout for the day:


  1. I think me too...sometimes that MS punches just driving me nuts. Ooo..what a nice LO Mich, loving every bits of it, the arrow, tabs, frame and etc. Very nice colour combo indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love that simple layout for the day! Not so simple either!! What a perfect childhood memory to record for the MS punches - they cut through my cardstock like butter, but don't manage anything thicker like packaging...they are way, way better than the EK Success ones or any other brand I've tried though! Try punching through some fine sandpaper to sharpen the die a bit...