Monday, June 13, 2011

Art Journal - First Page {Hope for Emma}

If you have read my previous post,  Emma is now in surgery.  How do I know?  Cos I just read her facebook post.  No,  I do not know Emma.  I just read about her from here. I have just started reading Sasha's blog and admiring her beautiful works of art including her art journals.  

Here is Sasha's blog entry on why we are doing this: 

Such a sweet name for a little girl 
A young girl that is six years old and battling brain cancer.
Tomorrow she goes in for yet another surgery. Sending HOPE. 
If you have 5 minutes out of your day today can you create a small display of the word hope and link to SASHA to your blog for credit. Her friend Aimee Payne is really good friends of the family and was looking for people to reach out.

Here is Sean's,  Clarissa's and my "Hope" page for little Emma.  We are sending you lots and lots of hope and we will be praying for you.

Here is Sean's HOPE page for you.  Sean is my 11 year old.

Clarissa drew this for you and she is 13.

Here is mine.

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See previous examples of HOPE .. HERE

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  1. That are lovely pages...thanks for sharing Mich.