Saturday, February 6, 2010

Track n Field Day

We fought about this event at school.  She wanted to attend a birthday party and I was determined that she doesn't ditch a school event for a party. Gosh,  it really doesn't get any easier.  I know she is turning into a teenager and it seems that her friends are her priority.  Sigh...

How cool is having a track and field event under the lights?  She is so lucky to have a school that has such great facilities and not utilise them?  Well,  not on my watch.

The 100m which she participated.

Whizzing at the 200m  for a bronze medal.
Smiling with her third place medal.

Hamming it up with her gold.

I won of course as I put my foot down but I am glad I did.  She had a great time at the event.  She participated in the 100m and 200 m.  She did not in anything for the 100m  but came in third for the 200m.   For the 4 x 100 relays,  her team won the gold.  All in all - I am glad and the smile on her face says it all.


  1. Way to go C!! You are such a supportive mum & I salute u for that!!

  2. Happy for C to have won the medals. I'm sure they made up for the disappointment of not being able to go to the party. Congrats, C!!

  3. go clarissa go...auntie very impressed with her...terror!

    As for mummy...great lo u have there...never doubt ur style.