Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Sean

This little munchkin turns 9 today.  Mummy is a little nostalgic.  I managed to dig up some photos and these are what I have on the Mac.  Man - he is growing up so fast!

He has always been a cheeky monkey.

Love this particular photo as he looks so so so happy here...

Awkward moment when he was losing his teeth.

Playing Ninja.

Had fun as Mr Tin Man.

Showing off his teeth as usual.

His birthday cupcakes.

Whizzing through the air.

Sean chilling with his sidekick Izzie...


  1. happy birthday sean.. dah jadi handsome boy.. future heartbreaker..

  2. happy belated birthday Sean!! hugs from uncle chris, auntie wati & adam....