Monday, February 9, 2009

The Poor Wardrobe Door and Exam Fever

What does the wardrobe door and exams have in common?  Trust Clarissa to come up with a solution.  I walked in on her studying in this manner.  Armed with a non-permanent marker (phew) she she wrote all her notes on her wardrobe door.  Sigh... Just look at that.

Me - I have always been a simple person - just pass me some jump ring,  cue cards and highlighter and I am set for my exams.  Apparently,  the kids nowadays are more creative with their studying.  When asked why she is studying this way,  she answered with conviction that this way is much better and she can absorb more facts this way.

Well my answer to that would be :  What ever works for you baby,  whatever works ...  Is fine with me...

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