Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Layout - I can only Imagine

MAde this layout for Sean especially.  He was playing with the table cloth when Sarah snapped this photo.  He had a vivid imagination when he was younger and still has now.  Recently,  I have discovered a mom's nightmare - Sean may have a disorder.  I have yet to confirm this with a doctor as Developmental Peadiatrician is a rare thing in KL.  I would need to send him to a doctor in Singapore.

Anyhow - I hope what I suspect is not true but anyway - those 3 sentences is what I feel right now.

Materials used:
Little Yellow bicycle,  Bazzill black cs,  Chatterbox embellishments (from Jessy) thanks.  


  1. Oh that is so nice!! That pic is so so precious!

    Hope Sean is alrite. Hugs!

  2. hi mich... nice lo... hope sean is alright.... *hugs*

  3. Mich, whatever the situation .. only believe it will turn out right and all the suspicions are untrue. Whatever the situation .. trusting in the ONE who gives you strength, peace and grace to carry you through.