Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lantern - Sean

My internet connection is really lousy these few weeks.  I get so frustrated as I am constantly cut off and the connection is erratic.  I couldn't even get online yesterday.  

Anyway - Jessy ran a rocking lantern tutorial at the SK forum and we all had a blast.  This is what I have made - I haven't taken photos of Clarissa's lantern yet but - its the same.  For more beautiful lanterns,  please head off to here.

Materials used:
Kraft Corrugated Cardboard, Prima Dude pp,  Eyelet,  Ribbon from American Craft,  Thickers foam alphas and 3d pop up dots.


  1. Love your lantern! Internet - I know! yesterday was terrible, so slow I gave up!

  2. Definitely love the lantern, the simplicity of the lantern made the photo stood out! Sean is so cute! Can't wait to see Clarissa's lantern :