Monday, March 22, 2010

Some ramblings and Sketchabilities No 11- Such a poser

I have always wondered on how people would react to this question:  What is scrapbooking to you and how seriously do you take scrapbooking?  Over the years that I have scrapped,  I have seen a lot of different scrappers.  Some very competitive,  some taking it very easy,  others vying for DT positions whilst some are actually trying hard to outdo each other.  How would you take scrapbooking?  If you have the time,  please do leave me a small comment as I am really curious.

My answer to that question would be:

Scrapbooking is my hobby.  One that I do when I have the time.  If I am busy - I rarely scrap.  However,  when I do scrap,  I find pleasure at most times and when the MOJO is not there,  I feel frustration.  Sometimes when I don't scrap for a long time,  I find much relief when I actually sit down and put my thoughts on the layout.

When I am not happy with a layout - I bemoan about it cos I know I didn't put much thought into it.  Style-wise,  I have yet to derive a style that can be associated with me.  I just scrap whatever I like and whichever style that appeals to me.  Admittedly,  I love sketches when I am busy and mojoless.  I also love different styles by the greats and when I do copy their styles,  I make sure I let them know or at least blog about it.

Of late,  I am looking over to my Singaporean counterparts for inspiration,  mainly Aida,  Leena and Sasha.  All have very unique styles but I love their styles which comes back to the same problem that I do not have a style that is uniquely mine.  Sigh...  My only wish is that I can find it one day.

I don't think I have enough talent to be a DT of a big manufacturer nor a famous site and I am quite happy doing my own scrapbooking.  My pages are never perfect - you can always find a flaw in them but I guess thats my signature if I have any - I am NOT perfect.  Hee hee...

Here is my layout of the day from the Sketchabilities  sketch no 12.

I wanted to play around with my new camera and I made Sean pose for me this time.  All I wanted was a shot of him laughing but we ended with some of these fun shots as he wouldn't stay still.  Some are a little blurred but I love them nevertheless cos they are MY shots.  Hee hee...

Here is me using the latest SSF pps (thanks to Jessy buying and sending them to moi house)  - I love them!  Many thanks again Jessy.

My apologies for the grainy photo - its dark already and I am too lazy to retake the pic.


I have dug up some of my old brads from Momoyo and added them to the layout. Think they lend some ooomp to the layout.


Love this orange birdie - he is not a girly bird and you gotta admit,  Sean looks a lot like the little birdie!


Materials used:
SSF pps and stickers,  Urban Lily Chipboard Saying,  Francheville Sticker alphas,  Momoyo round and heart-shaped brads and of course 3d pop up dots.

Scrapbooking target:  100
Layouts Done to-date:  16


  1. such cute pics of sean! and those ssfs are dftly to die for :)
    babe..u should know what sb means to me...hehehe

  2. I love the photo of your son and how you did the layout and my what yummy papers. I esp love the lined paper.

    On your question..well I scrap cause I love to recall memories and write about them in my journal. I used to scrap that way. It was all for me. I am the one who see it as beautiful or not. For me this hobby allows me to use all the materials that I longed to use as a child. Paints inks and all the lovely embellishment. I have no distinct style and I agree with you I love looking at Leena and Aida's LOs.

    Somehow when I do a layout it all tend to look the same to me then again I still love all my LOs. I do a LO as and when I feel like it I don't have a target.

    I am not at all competitive but I love to participate in challenge because it has prompts and sketches which jump starts my creative process.

    Whatever it is Michelle I love that you started Scrap it Lah and I hope that the scrapping community here in Malaysia grow! For me this is the best hobby ever. I gotta meet a lot of cool scrappers in real life and virtually.

  3. beautiful LO mich :) Love how you used multiple photos...

    And I agree abt you sb ramblings :) Mebbe I'll put up my answers to tht on my blog one day ehehe


  4. Oh wow!! You have already used the new SSF papers. New papers, new inspiration huh? Hehe. Love that layout, that birdy is so cute & so is Sean :)

    Scrapbooking is a very cool hobby. I have tried different hobbies but SB stuck me down!! Thank you for encouraging me to try paper 2 years ago. Definitely very addictive but it's a good one! Lol. Whenever I have the time (which is alot of time lol) will scrap. Sb showed me a fun way to keep all the memories that I want to share with my loved ones! I am glad that I can combine all different sorts of crafty techniques I learnt thrughout these years & combined them into SB. I kinda found my style but always up for trying new style. I am not "kiasu" type but every now and then love to see my work being appreciated. Thank you for making me think thru what this hobby all about!

  5. i love that layout Mich, and yes, that birdie looks like Sean. LOL.

    Sb to me is something fun. I don't want scrapping to become 'work', that is the reason you don't see me accepting many dt positions. Cannot lah.. later will get boring! :)

    and girl, puhhhh~leaseeee~ lahhh... you're VERY talented, okay!

  6. babe...told you before that everyone is unique and you have your own style too :) regrets for me taking up SB!

  7. Love the dimension on this page Mich