Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dusting off the cobwebs

Gosh is nearly 2 weeks since I last updated this blog. Time to dust off the cobwebs and stop being lazy. It's been a lazy 2 weeks with some medical drama going around. Who else but Sean who had a high temp complete with sore throat. With the H1N1 pandemic, that was enough to get me all stressed up. Finally after 3 days of agony, we took him for a H1N1 test and phew - it was negative.

I have started my scratchy throat again. This time I am trying some chinese pills which I bought from the Chinese Medicinal Hall at the market. Well - anything is worth a try since the last bout brought on so much weight gain with the 3 types of antibiotics and Cataflam. Day 2 of chinese meds - seem to be improving. We will see. Hope that everyone stays healthy and I will definitely start scrapping again after this hiatus and hope to see all of you around.

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