Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scrap-it-Lah September Challenge

Its another new month - where has the time gone by? We are nearing the end of another year and it seems like it was just yesterday that we celebrated the year 2009. At the Scrap-It-Lah scene, a brand new challenge which requires one to use 705 of one's favourite manufacturer items in your layout. Here is my take using everything by Collage Press.

Sean has this fascination with chocolate milk and specifically BabyCino. I guess its my fault as thats the only thing I used to feed them whenever we were in Australia and they were hooked on this stuff. Hee hee. Pictures were taken by the talented Jessy at Dome waaaaayyy back in December 2007.


  1. nice one mich.. your son seems to enjoy the choco very much :))

  2. Yes life is sweet so is your LO! Love it, well done! Hugs Nilla