Sunday, September 27, 2009

Izzie alert - Fever and Liver problems

They say that it never rains, its pours. I do agree with that. We have hardly had time to digest the death in our family, here we have another health crisis with Iz. I have noticed that she had been sluggish and she was sticking to me like glue. When she woke up the next day with a fever, I was naturally shocked. Sent her to the vet and she had 2 shots - one for her fever and another a broad spectrum antibiotic to help her battle what she had.

The Vet took a blood sample from her and we now know that this time - its her liver that is giving her problems. I sincerely hope that with the current meds that she is taking - this will at least be sufficient to keep whatever is attacking her at bay.

I hate her being sick. This is how she looks like when she is sick. All listless and unhappy.

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