Sunday, August 16, 2009

More cards for charity

Love the paisley here.

Another simple one.

Scraps to make the last one.

Played with some FFC pp too! Hee hee - batik - nice huh?

Simple simple.

Its been a lazy sunday today and I have just finished making 25 more cards for charity. Why the sudden rush to make more cards? Traditionally all the charity bazaars start mid October till November. This is the only time when a lot of charity homes get to sell their products and hopefully raise some money for their homes. I will try to upload the dates and location of the charity bazaars so that those who are interested may go and support these charity homes. Please do as in the present economic climate, a lot of are experiencing some financial difficulties.

Today I have used more scraps from her and I am glad to report I have gone through only a fraction of what she gave me. Hopefully I can go through more as time goes by. Thanks Sharon.


  1. Hey there Mich... Packing my room now and is finding more scraps for you :) Glad that they are of use .. better than me hoarding them, The cards look awesome by the way ..

  2. Love all the cards Mitch!!!!

  3. beautiful cards :)

    thank you for the comment on the image i used - I was told that with the double happiness symbol could be used for anything that brings two lots of happiness ie my two girls etc..

    also that with the dragon & phoenix - again i was told it could be used to symbolise lvoe between a couple (not nessicarrily just a wedding). Ian is a dragon and I have a phoenix. they are important symbols to use.

    I hope I havent offended anyone by using them as I have, if I have or there is certain protocol to use them, please let me know as I dont want to use them inappropiately.