Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Year 6 Play Photos

Getting ready

Check out all that poofy hair

C and her gang

Presenting C - THe Duchess of Kent (Queen Mother)

Major Drama going on...

Announcement of the death of the king.

The young queen Victoria.

Duchess of Kent,  Queen vistoria and Lezhen the Governess.

Her can can kept popping up when she sat...  Hilarious.

Receiving her school leaver award.

Singing Mama by Il Divo.  This bunch of girls changed all the lyrics into teacher related and it was really v good.

C with the oldest Queen Victoria enjoying their feast.

Gosh - she looks so coy here...

Sean - you are ruining the photo!

C with her buddy.  And check out Sean.  Sean - its no wonder your sister finds you a pest my dear...

Gosh she does look so mature with her makeup and hair...

Acting all silly...

Here are some photos from Clarissa's school play. I was thinking to myself that my baby is gone... She is really growing up into a teen and more trouble ahead!


  1. Oh what a cute dd you have hun! ANd lol at your ds..hehehhe! What a lucky mom you are darl!

  2. Wow! Great costumes and loving Clarissa's made up hair!
    I totally understand your Sean's antics..I have one at home! LOL!!

    Btw, thanks for a great time babe!
    hugs to Clarissa & Sean too...