Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration in School

This was one of the reason why I was so busy before we left for the holidays.  I volunteered to help out in the Chinese New Year celebrations at school.  I was in charge of getting the CNY acts and I managed to get the Chinese opera and a demonstration of the Wushu (chinese kungfu).

It was quite a relief when both acts were a hit at school and were well -received.  I was very glad that I was able to showcase some of the chinese culture to the kids at school.

Sean's class posing with his wushu teacher.

The Chinese parents in school demonstrating vegetarian dumplings and they were delicious!

 Munchkin Sean posing with Madam Kam - the Opera extraordinaire.

Madam Kam in all her finery as Concubine Yang.

Kyonis portraying as Mulan going to battle.  Love those feathers!

On a personal note,  I would like to thank Datin Seri Kee Ming Yuet for sharing her contacts with us. Thanks Auntie - the kids loved the show very much.

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