Monday, February 7, 2011

8 Lazy Days in the Gold Coast and Brisbane

These are the very few pictures that I took of the kids when we were away in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  I was just too lazy to take the camera out and only photographed the "exciting" things the kids did.  It was simply too hot and sunny to be photographing.

We had a nice chilling out vacation of mainly just shopping and doing a few sights.  Here are some pictures of the kids doing the Oz Ball.  They had a great time whilst the parentals jsut stood by the sidelines watching them.

Love this seat modified from a car.  Brilliant huh?

We just spent some evenings playing football in the park.

This is the White Water World.  I have really lost count how many times the kids went into the Green Room ride.  They had so much fun.

Getting ready to ride the slide.

Check out this monster of a slide.

Sean tried this vertical slide.  I must admit we were so terrified as the trapdoor suddenly opens and you have a 15 m drop.  He loved it whilst we were holding our breaths till we saw him emerge.  This ride was at least 6 storeys up and silly me - forgot to take the photo of the whole slide.

This is us chilling out on the Skywalk of the Tamborine Mountains.  

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun :-) Don't think I would like being in that Oz Ball though!!