Friday, January 1, 2010

Warning - Photos overload - Shanghai Trip

Gosh - it's been another 2 weeks since I have updated my blog.  I had a vrey busy few days 2 weeks before end of term running around and we were off to Shanghai a day after the school holidays started and it did not give me any time to breathe.  Being so used to the 35 degrees here,  Shanghai at -2 degrees was certainly a rude shock.  Coupled with the dirty air etc,  yours truly came down with bronchitis as I was really exhausted and having not rested before the vacation didn't help at all.

Here are some photos to share on our trip.

The beautiful sunrise before we landed in Shanghai.

Our first view of Shanghai whilst leaving the airport.

Yuyuan - one of the largest privately owned Gardens in China.  Barrage of shops selling food,  handicrafts etc in there and you have to pay in order to access the gardens.

Yummy dim sum at a restaurant outside the garden.  Funny concept though - the higher you go - meaning higher floor you go,  the more expensive the dim sums.

Inside the garden,  the 2 huddled to keep warm in the cold temp.

Another scene in the garden.

Sean mucking around for a playful shot.

Outside - a pedlar selling some local food.  We were not adventurous enough to try.

All around us,  Shanghai is on a construction frenzy to get itself ready for the World Expo 2010 in May. The whole city is shrouded in DUST and loads of pollutants and on most of the days we were there,  it was only gray skies. :(

A quieter change of scenery - Suzhou.  It is located 1.5 hours out of Shanghai and another tourist trip.  But we were glad to get out of Shanghai and have a bit of clear skies.

More beautiful gardens but check out the water on the lake.  The top of it is ice.  Yes, it was another cold wintery day.

The driver brought us to this pagoda.

I loved all the old ladies that we encountered on this trip.  I find that they had very expressive faces but these were the only 2 photos I could have taken without them turning away. My DSLR broke down and luckily I bought an automatic camera as a backup before we left.

Kiddoes had so much fun at the Century Park just cycling this contraption.  Hee hee...

We went to this amusement park 40 kms outside Shanghai when it was apparent to us there was not much to do in Shanghai.  Met a very friendly Singaporean family there and we became firm friends and they took us out for dinners and all.  Thanks S and co.

Inside - a total copy of Disneyland.  Hee hee...

Kids screamed their heads off this ride.  There were loads of different rides there and we spent practically the whole day there.  There was even a 4D theatre which we did not have time for and a VERTICAL drop roller coaster.

The Seven Treasure Old Town.  One of the most MUST-SEEs in Shanghai.  Loads of traditional fare and thoroughly enjoyed this place.

Loads of different type of glutinous cakes,  snacks and hubby's favourite - smelly tofu.  Def not my cup of tea.. ooops.. tofu.

Check out the size of this pancake!  Amazing.  Sean ate it up!

Very beautiful scenery here.

Our new found friends in Shanghai brought us to eat and watch the face-changing act.  This act I was told - is a national treasure and the whole thing is protected by law.  The only outsider that these masters have taught is actor Andy Low and even then,  he was only taught a mere 3 moves.  It was difficult to get a nice photo as they have placed lights to counteract the cameras.  Sigh...

Kiddoes enjoying the snow.

This is the view that we had from the Hyatt coffee house which at 87 stories high,  is one of the highest coffee lounges.

Thats it for some insight into Shanghai.

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  1. For a moment I thought I was at Shanghai just by reading ur comments & looking at the photos! Enjoy it. Very well explained. So cool that ur kids got to play with snow there :)