Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update and Desserts Galore

I have been plagued by more health issues lately. Maybe its the stress,  I don't know but something is definitely not right.  I saw the specialists yesterday, had an ultrasound and had my medicines adjusted.  I am still feeling queasy and I have another procedure scheduled next week under general anesthesia.  Sigh... I wonder when can I get better?

This disease is definitely taking its toll on my diet.  I certainly love to eat and its taking away my ability o eat and sigh - to me - what is life without enjoying my favourite food?  I took these 2 awful pictures with my phone. Can you guess which one is my favourite dessert?

A. Chocolate Fondant - all gooey and yummy with ice cream.
B.  Japanese Mochi made from the best flour.

If you have guessed B,  YUP - you are right!  I do love Japanese Mochi and this one by the Kirishima restaurant is my favourite.  Luckily - this is one of the desserts that I am still allowed to enjoy as my gastro imposes a total ban on milk.  No lost there as I am not into anything too milky anyway but that would mean no more durian pancakes.  Sob... But never mind,  I will eat the real thing.  Hee hee...

Scrapping wise,  I am a little stuck but I will definitey come back with more creations the minute I get my health issues back to order.  In the meantime,  as Chris (Wati's hubby) says,  Rojak and Out (his local way of saying Roger and Out!)  LOL...


  1. Hi hope u will feel better soon. Will pray for ur recovery. I still remember Dessert B & still can recall how it tasted. Miss having meals with u. Hope to go makan-makan when u recover. Take care :)

  2. Really hope that you will get well soon dear. Just take care of yourself and take it easy.. :)

  3. Take care and will pray that you get well soon. I love mochi so I gotta check out Kirishima :)

  4. oh no babe..u take care of yourself..will catch up with you are real soon!! *ROJAK & OUT*..hehehe

  5. Hang in there, babe. I'm sure they'll get the right meds for you sooner or later. In no time at all you'll be back at the scrapping table.

    Since your tummy is not feeling too great, I guess I should say.. rojak IS out!!! :D