Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bangkok Trip

We were away last weekend for a nice but hectic weekend in Bangkok.  It was great to have bonding time with the family and in spite of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok,  we did managed to eat and shopped.  Here are some pictures in no particular order.

The Shark feeding at the Siam Aquarium in the Paragon Shopping Centre.  Very fun and exciting.  Check out the size of the shark!

The kids had a go with the small fishes nibbling at their feet to remove dead skin cells.

Nice Kobe beef at the Tokyo Grill in Paragon.

This grilled pink crab was also very yummy and fresh.

At the Floating Market at Damnuan Sadoek.  This is the floating market made famous by the Bond movie.  Was chaotic and the vendors were always hassling us with crazy exorbitant prices.

The only quiet photo I look.  This is my favourite photo of the whole trip.

Clarissa and her new found love for Thai Pancakes.

At the wood carving factory, Sean was goofing around - pretending to be gored by an elephant.

Check our the details and the amount of work and patience to carve this table. Love the elephant bums.  Hee hee...

These food photos were taken at the Seafood Market.  Love the steamed Alaskan Crab.

I just love the gravy on this one - its a Yellow Crab Curry. Goes well with the garlic bread.

This was our lunch before we left for the airport.  We ate at a Thai Restaurant at the Central World Shopping Centre.  Loved this green curry.

Sean's favourite - fried pork neck with curry leaves.

Yummy Tom Yum Gong.

Scrumptious Pandan Chicken

The Xmas deco were out at the Paragon Shopping Centre.  Love them all. So festive and really puts one in the mood for Xmas.

More yummy food at the food court at Paragon.  I can stay here the whole day munching.


  1. OMG!! All the food is so yummy!! I can munch along with you too next time *hint hint* Why must you tempt me huh? LOL!! I really enjoyed looking at ur photos. I am glad that C & S enjoyed themselves.

  2. Wah, the foods looked yummy (minus the pork of coz)... If all were halal for me lagi yummy ahahaha Must go bangkok lah one day, never been there before :)