Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Away to camp we go

My 2 munchkins are away at camp and it has been relatively quiet.  Hubby and I went to their cam to spy on them on monday and thought they were in good hands. With the flu going around - it is quite scary to send your kids away anywhere - esp to a hotel where tourists are arriving everyday.

Having said that - we have to live a little and hence we allowed them both to go.  The 2 munchkins were excited,  elated and crying out for JOY!!!  They didn't even bat an eyelid when they left.  They were so glad to get rid of us!  Sigh  the realisation that they do not need us anymore hit home.  Gosh - that smarts!  

The first munchkin didn't bother even looking back at me.  :(

The little munchkin beaming.  So happy to get rid of parentals.

With his bodyguard,  Mr Nazareno.

Clarissa started snacking as soon as she got on the bus. Sigh...

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