Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sk April Challenge - Our 1st Altered Challenge with a 10 Cards Twist

Hi Friends,  I am just back from my vacation.  Still very jet-lagged hence - this will be a very short post.  Its great to be back at home but the tiredness is seeping in.  I can't sleep yet as its only 12 in the afternoon as opposed to what I am used to - sleeping at this time - 5.16am over in London and 6.16am in Paris.  Ahhh - the after math of jet lag.

This is take for SK's first altered challenge with a 10 card twist themed - 10 reasons why I love you.  For more details,  please visit the SK blog.  All the Resident Designers and the rest of the Design Teams have come up with fantabulous ideas!  Do check them out!


  1. Love the album! Journaling & details are awesome!! I love the photos too.... hehehehe

  2. wuhoooo glad to have you back... love the album!

  3. Jessy - you should love the photos - you Took them. Maybe I should just put a disclaimer - photos are by Jessy unless specified!

  4. Welcome home, babe!!! Hope you had a great trip.

    Love the album. Love the black and red theme!!