Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trying Kimchi

When we were in Korea,  I tried so hard to coax both my kids to try kimchi.  After all,  Kimchi is THE national food of Korea and everywhere we went,  there was kimchi on the table.  According to a Korean friend,  they have to eat it every day.  I kid you not,  even when we were in a Western restaurant,  voila,  the kimchi appeared at the table. 

After 9 days in Korea,  my kids steadfastly refused to eat kimchi.  My only consolation would be that we managed to visit the kimchi museum and at least No 1 pretended to eat kimchi by the mannequin.  Hee hee...  Here is another simple layout with C pretending to try kimchi.  

Target to finish:  92 layouts to go


  1. The trim looks like it is part of the Korean costume. What a clever way to get C to pose with the fake "kimchi". Lol! Very pretty layout!

  2. Happy new year, sweets! Kimchi, I don't like. Korean movies.. I like I like! The boys are handsomely pretty and the girls all have flawless pink skin! Kimchi, not for me! Love ur layout! Beautiful collies!

  3. I can understand how your kids felt. I love the white space in the LO. I guess no more "kimchi" for the next few months?? lol. But I do love "kimchi" but not for 9 days consecutively :)