Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chinatown Walkabout

I have been yearning for years to taking better photos.  Cameras have come and gone and yet I find myself not taking better photos.  I have come to the conclusion that one does NOT need a good camera to take nice photos - its more knowing your camera,  having the eye for the  photo and lot and lots and lots of practice.  

I have decided to take up photography just to fill up my time.  Glad to have found him here.  I had a great time with him taking photos at Chinatown today and also generally just to learn how to use my camera.  Yes,  after 3 years of owning a DSLR, I am still stuck on the AUTO mode (*very shamed faced*) .  It was nice to get out of the rut and try to use the functions on my camera.

Alas,  the technical metering,  shutter and aperture was daunting enough for me and picture composition wise - I was very much lacking.  However, I should view this experience as a first and I should prevail and start using more of the manual mode and get over my fear  and I hope to take better photographs.  

If anyone is interested on going on these walkabouts in Chinatown,  Kuala Lumpur David is contactable through his website here.  I leave you with some photos that I have taken today.


  1. Wow - such great pics ! You're a fab photographer.

  2. Interesting shots and what a lovely series :)