Friday, October 2, 2009

Pharyngitis no more {hopefully}

FInally after 3 months of suffering from pharyngitis - I went to see another 2nd opinion and voila - the answer is never what it seems huh? The ENT that I am currently seeing says that I have Gastro Reflux. That would mean that my stomach acids are actually regurgitated whilst I am sleeping and it burnt my esophagus and namely now - the back of my throat.

I have been unwell for so long and I am just glad that this third doctor I am seeing has managed to pinpoint the problem. Although it has only been day 1 since I started the medicine, I do feel that my throat is less painful and I don't cough and gag as much when I sleep. Last night I had a more restful sleep and I am thankful for that.

This is a life long disease with some adjustments to my diet. I can live with that and hopefully I will be feeling better and start to go back to my normal routines.


  1. Good to hear it wasn't worst or anything Mich. Do take care.

  2. I am glad that you are starting to feel better hun. I will pray for your fast healing.Hang on there sweety!

  3. really hope u will feel better soon... take care ya *big hugs*

  4. Mich, glad to hear that you are feeling better, take care!