Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scrap-It-Lah March Moody Challenge 2011

I was browsing the other day when I stumbled upon onto a challenge about mood board layouts.  I was very curious on what a mood layout is and I went ahead and checked it out.  It was super interesting to me and this month at SIL - we are featuring this very challenge and do check it out if you are interested.

My inspiration for my mood layout came from my daughter.  She has this obsession with Justin Beiber which both Sean and I cannot fathom nor understand.  We will always roll our eyes when she starts about Justin and over the time - we have memorised her what she says about Justin Beiber and I came up with this mood board layout.

I chose bright and messy as that is THE teenager mindset and added all her statements on Justin Beiber. It is the Beiber's birthday today and I am sure Clarissa would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday.  Sorry she has to miss your concert as she has to go to camp during Malaysia Week.


  1. gorgeous, fun and colourful layout mood board! love this and thanks for sharing!

  2. This is really nice Mich!!!!! I dont get it either.. wassup with teenagers and Bieberism? LOL Love how fun this layout is.. great job Mich!

  3. hehehehee ... great LO Michelle :-)

  4. Oohh yeah Mich, Justin bieber is all i hear at home too!!! n mine is only 8 (yrs old)!!! lol..Great mood layout. Very2 interesting n inspiring. Tfs..:))

  5. Gorgeous, Mich! I love how fun and funky it is.
    I'm with you in the eye rolling dept. Can't stand JB!! Especially how he always shakes his head once to make his hair seem windblown sideways. Puh-leese!!!