Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Short break from blogging

Wow!  It's been more than a week since I have last blogged.  It has been a crazy busy few weeks.  Things are winding up at school and with less than 2 weeks till term ends - the weekends are all filled with loads of birthday and farewell parties.  

Last weekend,  Sean played in his first overseas tournament down in neighbouring Singapore.  His team did not do badly coming in 3rd for the Plate Tournament.  The kids all broke down and cried when they lost the last match during the penalty kids.  I for one, look at it positively as the team has never played in muddy conditions like this and for a relatively new team - they did pretty well. Here are some photos to share.

Check out the field awash with mud.

Sean trying to listen to the coach and throw the ball to his team mate.

He was quite shocked when he tried to kick the ball hard but it just stopped in the puddle of water.

Pep talk by the coach.  I thought that they all look so cute together sitting behind the billboard.

Fell asleep in the car with his medal around his neck on the way back from the airport.

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  1. awww ... sooo cute ... he must have been so knackered ...