Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Baby is 12

It was quite a shock to me that you are turning 12.  All I can say that baby - you need to slow down.  Please do not grow up so quickly.  I miss the baby you,  the smiling and cutesy and always sharing C.  Now you have turned to being a tweenager,  sometimes sullen,  sometimes moody and most of the time tempremental.  Sigh... Do stop sometimes to smell the roses and think of how lucky you are.  Life is never fair hence - learn to go with the flow and just relax and make the most of it.  Happy Birthday Baby.


  1. Happy Bday C....yeah slow down a bit...ur mummy have diff time to keep up with u. hehehe

  2. happy birthday sweetie!! what your mom say slow down and smell the still have a long way to go dear!!

  3. Blessed birthday to you C!! You have grown so much from the very first day I saw you. You are growing into a very pretty young lady :) Hugs XOXO