Monday, January 12, 2009

100 Layouts anyone?

As I browsed through the Sk forum,  I chanced upon Wati's scrapbooking resolutions for the year. She has committed to scrap a staggering 100 layouts this year.  Feeling the heat,  I have decided to join her in this quest.  

Being the lazy me - I toned it down to a more manageable set of resolutions for myself for e.g:

1)  One mini album = 5 layouts
2) A simple altered item = 3 layouts 
3) A large altered item = 5 layouts.

Hee hee - we will see how many layouts I can actually scrap in a year.  I am very daunted by this task but its a sort of sb resolution - let's see how committed I can be.  Hee hee... Wish me luck folks!

P.S.  I have scrapped a simple layout just now - waiting for daylight to snap the pictures.  I figured cut and paste layouts also considered 1 layout right?  *evil laugh*


  1. Mich, that's a great resolution!! I am sooo going to join you in this. You mind?
    Gosh! that means I have to take loads more pictures....

  2. Of course not Yatie babe... The more the merrier...

  3. Ha ha!! I will "keep an eye" to see your 100 loyouts yah!!!

  4. Hi there CK. Long time no talk - hope you are doing well. Happy New Year 2009! Yup will def try to meet my target...

  5. wow cool resolution ehehehe that's like 8.3 layouts per month... i'm sure you can do it!! interesting ya, let see how many LOs i'll come up with this year ahahaha

  6. Let's do this together babe!! High 5

  7. Wa Wa could i compete this???